Whether you are travelling by motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, with friends or family, if you are coming here as a group, we can work with our partner Campô Découverte to organize your stay from A to Z.



With your best mates, or for an association or works council, we can organize your stay in the Saumurois area. Working closely with our partner Campô by VVF, we can offer personalized stays for your choice of two, three or four days: visits to tourist attractions, nature or sporting excursions on the banks of the Loire by canoe, tours and cellar tastings at a vineyard, meals at the campground, a fouace restaurant or an open-air café, accommodation in bungalows with a group breakfast, and the list goes on… We can also offer you a coach service as needed.

An alternative way to explore Anjou and the Saumurois area in a group. Click here for some sightseeing ideas !


  • Ability to sleep up to 60 people
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Personalize packages

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